At Gaia Kallisti we produce and bottle extra virgin olive oil from both unripe and mature olives. The collection of the crop is done by hand, without the use of mechanical equipment and the extraction of our oil occurs on the very same day. Our olive oil is the result of cold extraction, below 25 degrees celsius, so as to ensure that all the nutritional benefits remain unspoiled.     

Following the olive oil extraction, the olive oil remains in our barrels so that natural settlement may take place. The result of this process is that our olive oil maintains all its nutritional values, unaltered, with high levels of polyphenols such as oleocanthal, oleuropein and oleacein but also vitamins, aromas and precious minerals.

Gaia Kallisti produces, processes and packages Green Halkidiki Olives, Stafida and Stoneless Olives, with different combinations of herbs and spices.

Gaia Kallisti works with distinguished local producers and proudly offers you a wide variety of pure Greek honey. In our new collection, you will find Fir, Thyme, Orange and Wild Flowers, Chestnut, Erica and Pine honeys.

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