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The characteristic crisp texture, combined with the unique taste of this olive, has made it beloved in most Greek kitchens. This olive can easily be combined with most herbs and spices that the Mediterranean nature offers.
Gastronomical combinations with oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Garlic or Spicy Pepper, will impress even the most demanding consumers. Try them with or even in a drink!


The famous olive variety, originating from Kalamata, Greece, is popular all over the world. This intense black olive, with its characteristic taste can accompany most mediterranean dishes as well as salads and sauces or dips. They can also be enjoyed plain, with olive oil or vinegar.


The process specific to mature Halkidiki olives, with coarse sea salt, results in a gourmet dehydrated olive. The sweet taste of this crop has established it as one of the healthiest, tasty options. It is ideally combined with Coriander, Oregano and Thyme. These olives can also be preserved in a jar of olive oil, which further accentuates their taste.


This is a unique variety of olive, that grows only in the beautiful island of Thassos, Greece. It is small in size, with a distinctive sweet taste and a one of a kind aroma. This dehydrated olive has many fanatic fans, worldwide.


The possibilities of the Green Olive are endless. This olive’s stone can be removed with unique ease without affecting its shape or nutritional attributes. You can enjoy it stuffed with Almond, Garlic or Roasted Sweet Pepper.

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